Do This Now to Get Pregnant Faster! Three Lifestyle Methods to Enhance Benefits of Fertil Pro LQ

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What lifestyle methods are you using to make the most of Fertil Pro LQ and natural conception enhancement? People live busy lives these days, that’s assured. The following three simple changes could help you exponentially improve your odds, and naturally.

Housework Can Help You Conceive

What’s that we just said? Doing standard housework like cooking, cleaning, ironing and the laundry can help you conceive. Don’t worry – we are not implying that a 1950s mindset and mantra exists for women who are trying to get pregnant. What we are saying is that, according to a study that was conducted by the University of North Carolina, women who engaged in simple to moderate exercises, which could include housework, tending to their garden, vacuuming, mopping or other forms of simple and easy to do exercises at home, were likelier to conceive naturally. You can always substitute this with any other form of moderate exercise. But if your house is already dirty, why not get a two-for-one benefit from this method?

Make the Most of Sunny Days

Try and get your five to ten minutes of sunshine in everyday. A study that was authored by the Medical University of Graz (Austria) showed that women whose bodies absorbed more vitamin D (which can only be processed by exposure to UV light), created higher amounts of the hormones progesterone and estrogen, critical components to improving female fertility; the same study also showed this method was beneficial to men in sperm production, too.

Make it Four Days Per Week!

How often the average couple has sex will vary, according to numerous studies that have always-changing numbers. Fertility experts state that if you are only having sex with your partner once per week, conception odds are about 15 percent versus having sex four or more times per week, which increases those odds to greater than 50 percent. In short, Fertil Pro LQ will help you conceive naturally, but doing the deed and singing with the birds and buzzing with the bees is entirely up to you.

Do This Before it’s Too Late! Your Checklist for Enhancing Fertility for Women Naturally

Winning Sperm

Improving fertility for women naturally is not an impossible undertaking. It will require some knowledge on your part to make the most progress. The following three items on this checklist can enable you to maximize your efforts towards conception.

Don’t Wait Too Long                                         

You’ve heard, we’re sure, plenty of stories about how women have been able to have babies later on in life. Most often, it’s about celebrities who have managed to conceive in their mid to late-40s. But these stories are often missing one key aspect: these celebs actually often went to very expensive fertility experts and spent countless dollars on getting pregnant, typically veering away from the natural approach that’s intended with Yad Tech’s array of marvelous supplements. According to Dr. Roger Lobo, an expert on reproductive medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, by the time most women reach the age of 40-years-old, their ability to conceive naturally can decrease by as much as 50 percent or more. In essence, there’s truly no time like the present.

Avoid Sexual Products Like Lubricants

Sometimes it may be tempting to add something to the mix in the bedroom to encourage more intimacy in attempts to have sex more frequently, resulting in pregnancy. However, experts tend to lean the other direction on using these or any other physically altering products, even if they are mild. Douches, for example, can alter the PH of a vagina, and actually can result in killing off more sperm as opposed to helping them reach the egg. The same can be said for sexual lubricants, which have been demonstrated in various studies to hinder sperm motility and even cause the death of sperm in rare cases.

Know Your Precise Window

Stop guessing about when you are ovulating, and instead know for sure. The standard 28-day cycle says that you subtract 14 days and there’s your window. But not necessarily, because some women have a 32-day cycle and others have an even different one. Instead, talk to your doctor and consider getting a medical test to know your exact ovulation window. Alternatively, you can use an over-the-counter ovulation test that can be found at most major drugstores.

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Improve Men’s Fertility?

When we take a good look at some of our daily habits, it can be easier to understand what’s impacting our sperm count. If you are seeking to conceive a child with your significant other, some bad habits or lack of good habits could be impacting your fertility. The following four vices can be put in check to improve your chances and increase men’s fertility.

Keeping Fit is Your Best Bet

One of the very best things that you can do to improve men’s fertility is to keep your body healthy, balanced and in good shape. Experts advise that you exercise continuously for at least 30 to 60 minutes per day in combination with a balanced diet to maintain good health. The more overweight that you are, the lower your testosterone levels become, which are further decreased as the excess weight affects the heart and its functions.

Drinking Lowers Sperm Count

Not only does excessive drinking reduce your sperm count, it also lowers your testosterone levels. This is not to say that drinking in moderate isn’t okay – it is. But some guys have trouble moderating just one or two drinks or a six pack. Instead, reduce your drinking and curb it. Perhaps save those few beers for a Saturday of college football, and increase your sperm count naturally by doing so.

Sleep More Soundly

The body renews itself when you sleep. This includes the body helping to increase cell structure integrity in your sperm, which also impacts sperm motility. Additionally, sleep helps the body better regulate stress levels and reduce them, which impacts the amount of the “flight or fight” hormone created and released by stress, cortisol, which has been shown to denigrate sperm cell integrity.

Ingest More Antioxidants

Numerous studies conclude that an antioxidant rich diet helps to improve men’s fertility and sperm count. One reason is that antioxidants combat damaged cells called free-radicals, which deprecate sperm cell integrity and hamper production and motility.

Simple Lifestyle Adjustments You Can Make to Improve Men’s Fertility

Men who suffer from low sperm count or poor sperm motility have a number of different options they can consider for improving their odds. Sometimes, it’s just a few simple tricks that can be applied which can serve to greatly increase your chances. Use the following three suggestions to naturally improve upon men’s fertility by making some simple adjustments to your lifestyle.

Reduce Testicular Heat

If you have ever wondered why the testicles hang lower from the body when you are hot, it’s because they are protecting the sperm from damage that could be caused by excessive heat. Similarly, when you are too cold, the scrotum will shrink up against the body to better retain heat and to protect the sperm from cold that could cause damage. Common bad habits to avoid to reduce testicular heat include: not wearing tight fitting jeans or underwear, avoiding using a sauna or a hot tub and sleeping in the nude.

Better Manage Stress

Stress is a killer, as numerous studies have confirmed. Stress causes the entire body to become imbalanced. It also causes a detrimental hormone to be emitted called cortisol. This hormone not only depletes healthy levels of testosterone, but also created free-radicals (damaged cells) that can attack healthy sperm. Instead, manage stress with meditation, yoga, massage therapy or various hobbies in addition to getting plenty of sleep at night.

Save Sex for the Bedroom

If you frequently masturbate or have sex often try to reduce the occurrences of this. This is because your body will actually store more sperm, which can then be ejaculated during the ripest ovulation window. This will help to increase the chances of conception naturally. While some people think that you should just have sex more often, it’s not about how much sex you are having all of the time, but rather about how much sex you are having during the ovulation window.

Bad Habits to Correct Now That Contribute to Decreased Women’s Fertility



The human body is a fascinating organism that mystifies and continues to boggle scientists and medical experts. The sheer complexity of the circulatory system, for example, is something that is still unable to be replicated in an artificial setting to better understand. While the human body still has many mysteries that remain yet to be solved, there are some facts that we do now better understand, particularly as they relate to women’s fertility. To make the most of your short ovulation window, make sure you consider stamping out these bad habits right now for enhanced women’s fertility.  Chances are that you already know these are bad habits for your health. Hopefully this article encourages you to take action.

  • Smoking: Smoking is just terrible for you; that’s no shocker. Tobacco smoke contains thousands of harmful carcinogens that contaminate the human body and that can mar and harm fetal health. Smoking has also been linked to infertility in women over countless years and in countless studies. If you are trying to have a baby, the cigarettes simply must go.
  • Drinking: Alcohol, man’s greatest vice perhaps, is another major caveat. Even just a drink or two per day can decrease your chances of conception. Alcohol, like tobacco smoke, is laden with toxins that hamper the body’s ability to regulate itself and that tax the internal organs. Complete cessation in drinking while trying to get pregnant is your best bet.
  • Imbalanced Diet: Obesity and malnourishment have both been linked to infertility in women. Women who are 30 pounds or more overweight (obese) typically have higher hormonal output than women who are in good shape, thus reducing chances of conception. An imbalanced diet can also contribute to this because the body is deprived of the key nutrients necessary for conception.

Natural Women’s Fertility Tips: Four Things You Can Do Now to Increase Your Odds


Sometimes getting pregnant can be a real struggle for some couples. While genetics play a role on both sides, there are always alternative options that you can consider before resorting to a costly fertility clinic bill. The following four suggestions can help you to immediately improve your odds. Always make sure you discuss any pregnancy enhancers with your doctor, and gain their approval, before using them for the best results.

1. Predict Your Ovulation Better: As opposed to merely guessing when the window of your ovulation is occurring, newer ovulation prediction kits can help you pinpoint this key window to optimize pregnancy chances. A woman will generally only produce a solitary egg during her ovulation cycle. A special kit checks the blood for the Luteinizing Hormone, which is produced just before your egg drops. This can enable couples to maximize their chances of conception naturally based upon knowing the exact ovulation cycle.

2. Special Lubrications: Newer lubrications are designed to aid the sperm by working to increase its motility. One product, such as Preseed, helps to increase the amount of cervical mucous that’s being created, which in turn aids the sperm in reaching the uterus and inseminating the awaiting egg.

3. Expectorants: You would never think that certain expectorants such as common cough syrups that are sold over the counter could help you get pregnant more easily. But studies concur that they help to thin the mucous in the cervix, which aids the sperm in reaching the egg by increasing motility.

4. Caffeine Reduction: Experts say that by reducing your caffeine intake, or by eliminating it altogether, you can increase pregnancy chances. Numerous studies purport a direct link between even moderated caffeine consumption and decreased conception rates. Even caffeine that’s found in soda and green tea can mar your chances. Abstain from this perky pick-me-up to better improve your conception odds.

Achieving Natural Fertility after Birth Control

There are countless reasons that could be contributing factors to why you are unable to achieve natural fertility. The goal of trying to conceive naturally is one that most couples avidly seek. After all, if there is a way to allow Mother Nature to do her job as opposed to relying upon prescription drugs, all the better. Learn about a few tips that might be able to help you in this article.

Talking to Your Doctor About Birth Control Cessation
If you are currently taking birth control, you will need to speak with your doctor regarding natural fertility. According to leading experts, birth control can still have lasting effects in your body for months after you stop taking it. Consult with your physician to find out how long you can expect these effects to impact your ability to conceive.

Memorizing Your Ovulation Window
You need to know when your body is primed to receive the sperm in order to take advantage of these key moments. All women have a unique ovulation cycle. Some women will ovulate for a longer period and others will ovulate for shorter periods of time. Generally speaking, the two days before and after ovulation occurs are ideal for conception.

Increasing Sexual Activity
You can’t get pregnant if you don’t have sex, and lots of it. Sexual experts advise that you introduce exciting new elements to your sex life to increase the chances of conception. This will help you both become more excited about sex instead of focusing on the monotony of trying for a baby over and over again.

Tracking Your Progress
Keep a fertility journal. Take detailed and intimate notes. Make sure you talk about your ovulation cycle and your feelings. Track your progress and even talk about the past pregnancy tests that you used and how you were feeling at the time. This can help you stay better focused on the task at hand: achieving conception naturally.

How to Boost Fertility for Women Naturally

When contemplating the aspect of fertility for women, most women agree that the preferred route is the all-natural one. If you and your significant other have been trying to conceive for quite some time with no luck, and you are unsure as to why, it could be due to some bad habits that you have which could serve as the vices to your inability to get pregnant. Find out what measures you can take right now to best increase your chances of naturally conceiving a child.

Watch Your Weight
According to William Gibbons, who directs reproductive endocrinology at the Baylor College of Medicine, weight does play a role in your ability to get pregnant. A recent study found that women who were overweight or obese struggled to get pregnant as compared to those who had a healthy body mass index (BMI). In short: keep the pounds off and you will more easily get pregnant.

Learn Your Cycle
Too many women are entirely unaware of their ovulation cycle. This can work for you or against you. Most commonly, it’s the shocked women who suddenly find out that they are pregnant. On the alternative side, by knowing when you ovulate, you can take advantage of the several day window before and after to maximize your efforts to conceive.

Mind What You Drink
What you drink will go into your body, and can play a positive or negative role in conception, says Gibbons. One particularly over drunk beverage is coffee, which has been classically associated with reduced fertility levels in women. To counter this, Gibbons advises that you limit caffeinated beverages to no more than two servings per day.

Eliminate Smoking
Smoking shocks the body, and creates internal havoc. That aside, it is wise to pursue cessation if you are trying to have a child because you shouldn’t smoke when pregnant. Experts say that you should go cold turkey when quitting to eradicate the nicotine, which can impede conception.

Four Tips on Getting Pregnant with Natural Fertility


For couples that are struggling to conceive a child via means of natural fertility, there are plenty of different methods that you can consider implementing which can help to facilitate the desired outcome. Classically, balancing your diet, reducing stress levels, regular exercise and the cessation from bad habits like drinking will all serve you wonderfully. Along the way, use these tips to help increase your chances of a natural conception.

Practice Often
You often hear couples who have children talk about the best part: making the child. This cannot be emphasized enough. If you want to get pregnant, you have to have sex, and lots of it. But it is not just about the sex that you are having or how often that you are having it. It’s more importantly geared towards when you are having it, outlined in the next point that follows.

Know Your Ovulation Cycle

Clarice Weinberg, Ph.D., head of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, says that to enjoy the greatest odds of conception you must be aware of your ovulation cycle. According to her, the greatest chances of pregnancy occur during the two days that directly follow your ovulation cycle. Use the next step to learn how to identify this better.

Increase Sex During Ovulation
If you are unsure of when your ovulation cycle occurs, your best bet is to speak with your doctor. A medical expert can help you determine your exact cycle by running a few simple tests. During these days before and after your cycle, have as much sex as possible to increase the odds of natural conception.

Make Intimacy Fun and Exciting

Lastly, make sex fun and invigorating. The purpose of this routine is to ensure that you are both having as much sex as is possible. By adding new elements into the bedroom, you can both ensure that a natural conception is at the forefront of your physical and life goals.

Secret Methods to Attaining Natural Fertility


Perhaps one of the most confounding physical secrets that couples trying to have a child ponder is the art of procuring natural fertility. In essence, it’s frustrating when you are both healthy and sexually active but conception is seemingly impossible. What you are doing, the lifestyle that you lead and even bad habits that you maintain are all key culprits which must be reversed and amended by you—if you are to go about changing this to your benefit.

Body Weight Matters
According to, a leading parenting website, hormones indeed play a strong role. Certain bodily hormones are emitted, caused by excess fat, that can actually impede your body’s ability to conceive. Christopher Williams, MD, author of The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally, advises that you mind your weight and pursue an active exercise routine that is not overdone, like extensive running, to balance hormones and aid in the reproductive process.

Balance Your Diet

If your body is lacking in the nutrients provided by a proper and balanced diet, this could be the cause as well. Leading doctors, including Dr. Williams, advise that you balance your diet and ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals for a healthy reproductive cycle. Good advice is to take a daily vitamin supplement to ensure proper nourishment.

Stamp Out Bad Habits

Bad habits could play detriment to you getting pregnant. Obvious ones include things like smoking or drinking, a poor diet, lack of exercise or leading a stressful life. Stress, for example, causes hormonal imbalance in the body, and emits a flight or fight hormone called cortisol that can deter the body from getting pregnant due to overall hormonal imbalance. Moderate bad habits, balance your diet, stamp out stress and avoid living a sedentary lifestyle to reverse these negative bodily trends.

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