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Do This Now to Get Pregnant Faster! Three Lifestyle Methods to Enhance Benefits of Fertil Pro LQ

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What lifestyle methods are you using to make the most of Fertil Pro LQ and natural conception enhancement? People live busy lives these days, that’s assured. The following three simple changes could help you exponentially improve your odds, and naturally.

Housework Can Help You Conceive

What’s that we just said? Doing standard housework like cooking, cleaning, ironing and the laundry can help you conceive. Don’t worry – we are not implying that a 1950s mindset and mantra exists for women who are trying to get pregnant. What we are saying is that, according to a study that was conducted by the University of North Carolina, women who engaged in simple to moderate exercises, which could include housework, tending to their garden, vacuuming, mopping or other forms of simple and easy to do exercises at home, were likelier to conceive naturally. You can always substitute this with any other form of moderate exercise. But if your house is already dirty, why not get a two-for-one benefit from this method?

Make the Most of Sunny Days

Try and get your five to ten minutes of sunshine in everyday. A study that was authored by the Medical University of Graz (Austria) showed that women whose bodies absorbed more vitamin D (which can only be processed by exposure to UV light), created higher amounts of the hormones progesterone and estrogen, critical components to improving female fertility; the same study also showed this method was beneficial to men in sperm production, too.

Make it Four Days Per Week!

How often the average couple has sex will vary, according to numerous studies that have always-changing numbers. Fertility experts state that if you are only having sex with your partner once per week, conception odds are about 15 percent versus having sex four or more times per week, which increases those odds to greater than 50 percent. In short, Fertil Pro LQ will help you conceive naturally, but doing the deed and singing with the birds and buzzing with the bees is entirely up to you.

Why Consider Fertil Pro for Women When Trying to Get Pregnant?

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A common question that many will wonder is why should they consider using an herbal supplement like Fertil Pro for Women to help increase their chances of pregnancy? While the answer to this question could span pages upon pages, we’ll try and sum it up for you in the four points that follow. Hopefully, this can help you better understand why this supplement can aid you in conception.

Balance Your Preconception Vitamin Intake

There are a number of different vitamins and minerals that are advised to be taken before you try to conceive or when trying to conceive. These are your preconception vitamins. They help your body optimize itself to receive pregnancy. Fertil Pro for Women is completely fortified and balanced with these key elements.

Reduce Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress can cause a number of undesirable side effects like premature aging, weak ovaries and eggs and odd hormonal flow. By countering these side effects with antioxidants, Fertil Pro for Women can help your body better prepare for motherhood and maternity.

Decrease Chances of Birth Defects

The ingredients in this supplement are also designed to ensure that your baby grows up healthy. Using a variety of scientifically researched elements, this supplement is also designed to help you reduce the risk of common birth defects that can be avoided when proper measures are taken beforehand.

Enhance Egg Health

The health and the strength of your eggs greatly matter when trying to conceive. Fertil Pro for Women uses scientific research to formulate a multifarious supplement that can help increase egg health to promote a happy, healthy and natural conception.

Is a Natural Supplement Like Fertil-Pro a Viable Solution to Infertility?

Every year, millions of couples struggle to answer one question: how do we reproduce when what we are doing is not yielding any results? In fact, according to recent studies, an estimated 12 percent of all expecting couples suffer from fertility issues; or more than 7 million people each year in North America. Two-thirds of issues encountered are female whereas one-third is related to male conceptive issues. Could nature have an answer to this question?

Increasing Odds of Conception

The odds of conception can be greatly increased when proper measures are taken. Ovarian health in women is a large issue, and lifestyle habits, personal habits, dietary habits and genetics definitely play a role. On the male side, the same equation that affects sperm mobility, DNA integrity and overall sperm health also applies. Using a variety of naturally-occurring elements, Fertil-Pro can help increase reproductive health by providing the adequate constituents that nourish reproductive health and improve the odds.

The Cost of Fertility Drugs

Modern medicine has come leaps and bounds over the past five decades, particularly as it relates to fertility health. But at what cost to your wallet and at what risk of adverse side effects or other vitro risks? While medicine is a reliable format to seek, most people don’t have the funds necessary to facilitate such advancements in medicine and some people are unable to medically pursue them. The natural supplements offered by Yad-Tech, such as Fertil-Pro, help increase the chances of conception naturally in men and women by using the power of science and clinical studies to provide a helpful, natural solution.

Low Sperm Count – Can Nature Hold the Answer with Fertil Pro?

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Low sperm count can occur for a number of different medical reasons. Sometimes it can be related to lifestyle habits like lack of exercise, bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and even caffeine, and even overtly physical activities that compromise the integrity of the sperm cells over time. Low testosterone and hormonal imbalance, stress and cortisol release, and even certain prescription medications are all contributing factors as well. With Fertil Pro for Men, you can help to naturally find balance and improve your sperm cell count.

Protecting Sperm Cell Integrity

The integrity of the sperm cells is something that can easily become compromised for a number of different reasons. When the integrity is compromised, the cells become far weaker. They are not nearly as resilient to outside forces and therefore are less likely to fertilize the waiting egg.

Balance Hormonal Output

Balanced hormonal output is important, too. Think about Fertil Pro as a way of optimizing your body to be ready to produce healthy sperm that can impregnate the egg. When the hormonal output is more evenly balanced, the chances and propensity for conception drastically increase. This, combined with a balanced integration of key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in Fertil Pro for Men, can help you vastly improve your chances of conception, even if you suffer from low sperm counts.

Improving Health of Sperm Count

Unhealthy sperm are just that: not healthy cells. They are more likely to die inside of the vagina when small portions of air touch them, which kills them. On the contrary, healthy sperm count are resilient and impervious, and most are able to survive, which means they can actually make it to the egg and breach its wall to help aid in increasing chances of conception. By using a natural product like Fertil Pro for Men, you can harness the power of Mother Nature to improve your sperm cell count.

Yad-Tech: Expertise for all Things “Expecting” and more.

Going to find the EggFollowing the success of Yad-Tech’s very own Fertil-Pro–an all-natural supplement designed to combat male infertility with a unique combination of essential vitamins and minerals clinically-proven to boost reproductive health–the fight is still far from over.

Since 2010, male users of the Fertil-Pro supplement have experienced benefits including enhanced sperm count/mobility, a boost in overall reproductive health, and an overall increased chance of conception. Fertil-Pro is a product both available over-the-counter with no prescription with full approval from Health Canada for quality and safety as vitamin and mineral supplement.

Founded in the spirit of science, 3 new forms of Fertil-Pro have since followed in the footsteps of the first. Also available sans-prescription, over-the-counter with full Health Canada approval, these three new formulas features different ingredients for those whose fertility needs require a different approach. As Fertil-Pro features a significant boost in antioxidants, Fertil-Pro MTL features the likes of Coenzyme Q10, Lycopene, Vitamin D3 and Beta-Carotene for improved sperm fertility within males.

But as everyone is aware, when it comes to conception—it takes two. That’s why we made Fertil-Pro LQ and Fertil-Pro for Women, two supplements formulated for the female anatomy. Fertil-Pro for Women operates similarly in that it provides an all-natural antioxidant boost alongside a selection of nutrients designed to modulate oxidative stress and increase fertility. Used for both pre and post-conception, Fertil-Pro for women increases the chances of pregnancy with 60 mg of Magnesium and 1 mg of Vitamin B6 with 11mg of Iron to promote overall egg health among other ingredients. Fertil-Pro LQ, however includes Co-Enzyme Q-10 and a huge helping of L-Arginine—a powerful amino acid and building block for reproductive cells.

Fertil-Pro LQ is formulated by our own team of scientists to increase the chances of conceiving while increasing vascularization. And you can bet your bottom (Canadian) dollar that both are also Health Canada approved.

As the science and our studies progress, so will our products. We are aiming to bring about new lines of products to promote prostate and gastrointestinal health in men as well as prenatal supplements and products to improve lactation for females—all of which are essential to fertility, prenatal and neonatal health.

Throughout the upcoming blog articles, explain not only what each element brings to Fertil-Pro as well as our other products. We’ll also keep you updated on Yad-Tech’s continued breakthrough progress with:

  • General health tips for improving your reproductive health.
  • Announcements regarding new products from Yad-Tech.
  • New developments in Fertility Science.
  • In-Depth Case Studies.
  • Advice on Prenatal Health for Women.
  • Subtle changes to diet and lifestyle that make a big differences

We hope to provide a greater understanding for all things relating to reproductive health. Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter and we’ll keep you up to speed on all things fertility. Yad-Tech is in the business of happier, healthier babies.

How YAD is Revolutionizing Natural Periconceptional Health

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The scientists over at YAD are hard at work day in and day out to bring to you the most revolutionary and all natural approaches to resolving fertility issues using the science of nature. Over the past few years, YAD has released several premium products and supplements that are based upon sound science and backed by countless studies. Under the Canada Health stamp of approval, YAD is revolutionizing natural fertility methods.

Innovative Constituents

One thing that makes these supplements really stand out is their all natural constituents. The innovative approach of formulating these ingredients to help fully balance the body for reproductive health is netting dramatic results for countless persons. The supplements offered by this maker are intended for use by both men and women, and are specifically designed to help aid in conception.

Men and Women Fertility Products

YAD currently features a premium lineup of supplements that only contain the highest quality concentrations of the most premium ingredients. The supplement maker offers a wide array of different products for both men and women who suffer from fertility issues.

Budget Priced

The makers of YAD products understand that dealing with fertility issues is never a budget friendly approach when done under the conventional method. With budget priced supplements that are offered for both sexes, it’s the goal of this company to help make it more feasible to consider an alternative and all natural approach to conception. The goal of these products is to be affordable and accessible for all people, regardless of income.

Top Three Reasons for Men and Women to Consider Using Fertil-Pro

fertil-pro-homme-et-femme-comboWhile there are plenty of couples that can easily conceive a baby – and some who have conceived many more than they initially planned – there are equally as many who will struggle to conceive for one reason or another. Often, many of these issues can be directly related to his and her health, their daily habits, their diet, their exercise habits, and even their occupation. Many times it is not uncommon for reproduction to be marred by insufficient vitamins and minerals necessary for conception. For those who are struggling to conceive, Fertil-Pro is a viable, natural and affordable prospect.

More Affordable Than Doctors

Sure, you can easily drop thousands of dollars visiting doctors and having every known test in the books performed. But before you do that, and resort to that crazy medical bill, it won’t hurt to consider trying a natural supplement first. Fertil-Pro contains key vitamins and minerals that are considered necessary for conception.

Improves Your Fertility Metric

For both men and women, this product helps them increase fertility while protecting the DNA integrity of the related cells (sperm, egg, reproductive organs, etc.). Furthermore, it’s designed to replenish key depleted vitamins and minerals thought necessary for fertility and conception.

Natural, Canada Health-Approved Supplements

Fertil-Pro is one of the few supplements for fertility that has been approved by the board of Canada Health. For those seeking an alternative method of resolving fertility issues, Fertil-Pro could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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