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Secret Methods to Attaining Natural Fertility


Perhaps one of the most confounding physical secrets that couples trying to have a child ponder is the art of procuring natural fertility. In essence, it’s frustrating when you are both healthy and sexually active but conception is seemingly impossible. What you are doing, the lifestyle that you lead and even bad habits that you maintain are all key culprits which must be reversed and amended by you—if you are to go about changing this to your benefit.

Body Weight Matters
According to Parents.com, a leading parenting website, hormones indeed play a strong role. Certain bodily hormones are emitted, caused by excess fat, that can actually impede your body’s ability to conceive. Christopher Williams, MD, author of The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally, advises that you mind your weight and pursue an active exercise routine that is not overdone, like extensive running, to balance hormones and aid in the reproductive process.

Balance Your Diet

If your body is lacking in the nutrients provided by a proper and balanced diet, this could be the cause as well. Leading doctors, including Dr. Williams, advise that you balance your diet and ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals for a healthy reproductive cycle. Good advice is to take a daily vitamin supplement to ensure proper nourishment.

Stamp Out Bad Habits

Bad habits could play detriment to you getting pregnant. Obvious ones include things like smoking or drinking, a poor diet, lack of exercise or leading a stressful life. Stress, for example, causes hormonal imbalance in the body, and emits a flight or fight hormone called cortisol that can deter the body from getting pregnant due to overall hormonal imbalance. Moderate bad habits, balance your diet, stamp out stress and avoid living a sedentary lifestyle to reverse these negative bodily trends.

Could the Yad-Tech All-Natural Approach to Fertility Health be the Answer?

The Yad-Tech approach is an all-natural one that focuses on Mother Nature and the many great healing wonders she procures. Most certainly, there is something to be said of modernized medicine. At the same time, in some cases natural products can often assist in remedying a number of ailments that people commonly suffer from. In the case of fertility health, Yad-Tech is at the forefront of producing renowned supplements that use the power of science to increase fertility health.

A Natural Approach

Most medicines these days are actually based upon synthesized, naturally-occurring elements. Sometimes it’s helpful to go directly to the source: nature. While nature may not always have the direct answer, in instances of clinically researched, naturally-occurring constituents, a proactive natural aid can often be meticulously procured.

Addressing Both Sexes

Yad-Tech strives to answer the question of infertility from both sides of the spectrum: the male and the female side. Fertility often wagers on both sexes, not just one. Sometimes it’s found in low sperm count or poor sperm mobility. In other instances, female issues can be found to cause detriment to the reproductive process. Yad-Tech addresses both issues and strives to procure natural supplements that help men and women increase chances of conception.

Increasing Chances Naturally

Fertility doctors, specialists, procedures and drugs are not an all natural approach and are immensely costly. It never hurts to try an all natural approach to remedying reproductive issues before resorting to the costlier medicinal approach. Furthermore, some people are not able to take fertility drugs, and for these people we also encourage seeking a natural solution.

Why It’s Important to Consider a Natural Approach to Fertility.

There are only a few options that exist for couples who are trying to have a baby without any real luck. Medical prognosis is always a vital first step. Uncovering any contributing medical issues can sometimes resolve the issue at hand. In many other instances, however, infertility issues may be linked to another cause. Yad-Tech has spent years researching the causes of infertility in men and women, and has developed a line of premium and all natural supplements that might help increase your chances of natural conception.

Mother Nature Often Has the Answer

Did you know that most major prescription drugs are actually plan derived at their sources? Many are later synthesized to mimic the plant derivatives. At Yad-Tech, it’s presumed that Mother Nature many times has the original answer—a theory that also plays into the role of using natural products for a more natural pregnancy.

Imbalanced Nutrients, Deficiencies Contribute to Fertility Issues

According to numerous studies, women and men who struggle with infertility issues may also suffer from key deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, often unbeknownst to them. Yad-Tech helps to confront these common fertility perils using well researched products that can help remedy any associated, adverse deficiencies.

Gender-Designed Supplements for Him and for Her

Yad-Tech has procured a fulsome selection of gender-designed supplements for men and for women. Inclusive of this growing family of products are male and female fertility supplements, pre conception supplements, natal and neonatal and post pregnancy products that are intended to help increase health and reduce risk of birth defect.

Quick Tips on Naturally Increasing Your Sperm Count.

Today’s conversation is centered upon sperm count, namely what methods you can undertake to naturally improve your sperm count. Most men have no idea what their sperm count even is, unless they get it tested. For the men that do, they can attest that it can be a real trick getting it back up to healthy levels. Use these simple tips to learn how to increase your sperm count naturally.


Moderate Your Smoking and Drinking
It’s no mystery that smoking and drinking are terrible habits. By moderating both, you can naturally improve your sperm health. Alcohol consumption impacts your liver and causes a spike in estrogen in men, lowering your sperm count. According to a study, men who smoked tobacco habitually reported 22 percent fewer sperm than the men who did not.


Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle
We all know that we should work out daily for our health, but also for our sperm. Exercises help your body to produce more sperm and increase your immune system to protect fragile sperm cells. Avoid excessive workouts, which can actually lower your testosterone.


Eat a Balanced, Healthy Diet
A balanced and wholesome diet will do wonders for your health and for your sperm, too. The best method is the simplest one: follow the food pyramid. Eat balanced, wholesome and healthy foods each day to naturally improve sperm count.


Avoid Consuming Soy and High Fructose Corn Syrup
Avoid eating soy or soy based foods; they can have what is called an “estrogenic effect” on the body. The consumption of high fructose corn syrup, commonly found in soft drink beverages, is detrimental to sperm count as well. In a recent study, men who drank Coke beverages daily had an average of 30 percent fewer sperm than men who didn’t.

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